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MagiK Box

Upgrade your Rancilio Silva to Barista-level performance
The perfect enhancement for your prosumer espresso machine


Upgrade your Rancilio Silva and unlock barista-quality performance with the incredible MagiK Box. Get ready to create café-grade shots that will leave your taste buds singing! With its user-friendly touchscreen and pre-programmed espresso brewing menu, MagiK Box empowers you to fine-tune variables like volume, temperature, pressure, and more, effortlessly reaching perfection.


This custom modification will revolutionize your espresso brewing experience, allowing you to go from bean to cup faster and with unmatched precision. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to consistency! With MagiK Box, you can build a library of unique taste profiles and store your favorite brewing profiles. No more hassle of dialing in variables every time – now you can recreate your favorite shots with just a few taps.


• Touchscreen Controller: Take control of extraction, temperature, pressure, volume, and more with a simple touch. Customizing your brewing profiles has never been easier!


• Store Your Brewing Profiles: Save your favorite brewing profiles and enjoy consistent, delicious shots every time. Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to consistency.


• Grows with You: MagiK Box is designed to evolve alongside your coffee journey. We're constantly developing new connector/sensor kits that seamlessly integrate with top prosumer-grade espresso machines.

Get ready to elevate your espresso game and embark on a journey of taste exploration with MagiK Box!

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